Our Team

Scott Shoemaker, MD



Scott Shoemaker, MD is one of our Directors. Dr. Shoemaker is a practicing orthopedic surgeon specializing in pediatrics and trauma for Kaiser Permanente, an integrated managed care consortium, since 1999. He is also an inventor, assists in the development of medical devices, and is on a patent for a spine deformity system developed by NuVasive, Inc. for which he receives royalties. Dr. Shoemaker is also a Founder of BOSS Logic, LLC, a company designed to generate ideas for the intellectual property and biotechnology sectors. BOSS logic holds multiple patents relating to how mobile devices share and distribute contact information. He is also part owner and developer of Aztek Paddles, a carbon fiber company. In this role, he assisted in designing paddles, writing patents, and testing paddles and was a team racer for their standup paddle brand.