Our Portfolio

Data as of June 30, 2023 for the total portfolio. Rentable square feet includes expected rentable square feet upon completion of projects under development or redevelopment.
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IIP Financial Supplement Report

Property Type (1)
Property Type Graphics_3.31.23
Operator Type (1)(2)

89% MSO

11% SSO

Public vs. Private (1)

58% Public

42% Private

Data as of 6/30/23 unless otherwise noted:

(1) Total Committed / Invested Capital includes (1) total investments in properties (consisting of purchase price and construction funding and improvements reimbursed to tenants, if any, but excluding transaction costs) and (2) total additional commitments to reimburse certain tenants and sellers for completion of construction and improvements at the properties. Excludes a $23.0 million loan commitment from us to a developer for construction of a regulated cannabis cultivation and processing facility in California and a seller-financed note issued to us by the buyer in connection with our disposition of a portfolio of four properties in southern California.

(2) “MSO” means the tenant (or guarantor) conducts cannabis operations in more than one state. “SSO” means the tenant (or guarantor) conducts cannabis operations in a single state.

(3) “Industrial” reflects facilities utilized or expected to be utilized for regulated cannabis cultivation, processing and/or distribution activities, which can consist of industrial and/or greenhouse space.