Environmental, Social and Governance Annual Report

"The IIP team is excited to issue our first annual ESG report, demonstrating our commitment to sound environmental management, collaborative community engagement and strong corporate governance principles that align to our team’s core values,” said Alan Gold, Executive Chairman. “Our company, working closely with our long-term tenant partners, continues to drive substantial and lasting positive changes in the communities where we operate, by repositioning and renovating industrial buildings, bringing good long-term jobs to historically economically disadvantaged communities, and developing businesses that generate substantial tax revenues to support local services, schools and healthcare. Since beginning operations in December 2016, we are proud of what we have accomplished in these areas, as well as the contributions that our company and tenant partners have made across numerous other important causes. We are focused on continuing to make strong progress in our ESG goals, and look forward to providing all of our stakeholders annual updates on our achievements and future plans in these areas."