Tenants’ Corporate Responsibility and Community Initiatives

Our tenants across the United States are dedicated to serving their communities. In addition, they are committed to giving back and have a strong sense of social responsibility. Below are a few illustrations of this dedication:

Cresco Labs

Cresco Labs sponsors its Social Equity and Education Development (SEED) initiative, a national social equity initiative promoting inclusion, expungement, equality, access and community engagement. The SEED initiative focuses on three main areas:
• Social Equity – Cresco collaborates with community organizations and local agencies to facilitate expungement events that assist individuals formerly convicted expungable offenses in obtaining clearance to work in the cannabis industry.
• Incubation – Cresco provides an incubator program that provides participants practical, real-life education on all facets of the cannabis business, including business formation, regulatory compliance, cultivation, manufacturing and operational support. Through this program, Cresco offers industry guidance, assistance with the state application completion, and support on securing a property for the participant’s application.
• Education and Workforce Development – Cresco collaborates with colleges and universities on curriculum and course work development to educate and prepare students for pursuing a career in the cannabis industry, including those newly eligible for employment through expungement.

Green Thumb Industries (GTI)

GTI sponsors the Illinois License Education Application Program (LEAP), a pro bono initiative in which GTI’s license-winning application team provides free application assistance to Illinois social equity applicants. Through LEAP, GTI seeks to reduce the barriers to cannabis business ownership for minorities and others most impacted by the war on drugs by lending the expertise of the company’s in-house license application team to qualified social equity applicants.
In addition, GTI actively supports numerous other organizations and causes, including job training and placement programs that combat homelessness and poverty; programs that promote economic development and growth of small, minority and women owned businesses; Illinois Women in Cannabis; children’s charities; programs that advocate for intellectual and developmental disabilities; and the Veterans Cannabis Project.

LivWell Enlightened Health

Livwell Cares, the philanthropic arm of LivWell Enlightened Health (LivWell), works with the local communities to lead clean-up activities and charitable drives and to support people in need. Charitable events funded by LivWell Cares including contributions to honor members of the military, veterans and first responders, including those who have battled PTSD; mental wellness and suicide prevention; community gardens; food banks; initiatives to combat homelessness; music and art initiatives; AIDS and HIV fundraisers; and multiple sclerosis fundraisers.
In addition, LivWell developed LivWell University, a program designed for new hires that provides in-depth education and training on cannabis, LivWell and the cannabis industry. In addition to learning about company benefits, policies, and expectations, LivWell University provides new hires with security and compliance classes, marijuana science classes and information on the company’s approach to community engagement among other presentations. After the standard orientation, new hires take additional classes specific to their focus, including those that relate to cultivation, processing and dispensing. Moreover, in order to stay on pace with an ever-changing industry, LivWell University is constantly adding new classes, updating current classes and bringing in new presenters to speak to the LivWell team. This initiative is a prime example of our tenants investing in the long-term development and success of their employees – and putting their people first.
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