Environmental Responsibility

Corporate Offices

Our environmental responsibility begins with our corporate offices and how we manage our daily activities. Our company promotes energy efficiency and encourage a paperless environment. We also encourage employees to reduce and eliminate the use of plastics by providing silverware, flatware, and drinkware. In addition, we implement waste reduction by focusing on recycling paper, batteries, toners and electronics.
As a leader in the net lease sector of the regulated cannabis industry, we place a critical importance to the protection of the environment, properties owned and to those around us. Based on our business model, the properties in our portfolio are absolute triple net leased to our tenants, and each tenant is generally responsible for maintaining the buildings, including controlling their energy usage and the implementation of environmentally sustainable practices at each location.

Activities within Our Portfolio

Our transactions are primarily sale-leaseback transactions, and our leases are structured as long-term, triple net leases. We do not take an active role in the development or redevelopment of properties, although our tenants do take various environmentally focused initiatives at the properties they lease from IIP. Below is an illustrative sampling of some of the enhancements implemented by our tenants:
• High-efficient LED lighting to reduce energy consumption, while maintaining optimal cultivation environments;
• Water-cooled HVAC equipment (such as chillers), which creates a significantly more energy-efficient heat removal process over traditional HVAC equipment;
• Rain catchment systems to significantly reduce municipal water needs;
• Water recycling systems to recycle water in cultivation activities; and
• Tiered cultivation to maximize productivity for a given square footage and reduce resources required for production.
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